How to write a Value Proposition?

What’s your Value Proposition?

What makes customers buy your products and services? Uncovering the answer to this question and communicating it to the market place should be the fundamental force behind your marketing strategy.  From gaining new customers through referral programs or advertising, to retaining your existing customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations all ties into your VALUE PROPOSITION.

Your proposition is a clear concise explanation of the value you offer your customers. Think of your value proposition as a succinct elevator pitch.

A good proposition is a conversation starter that provides an opportunity to engage with new clients. When presented to a potential client it should prompt a question like “How do you do that?” Your Propositions also help to articulate the key message you want your clients to understand, so they can help you attract more customers through their referrals.

It’s no secret that a strong value proposition also helps develop a strong culture within your business. It sets service standards, highlights training gaps and can help you to identify whether new hires are the right fit.

What makes a strong value proposition?

  1. Does it resonate with your target market?
  2. Is it clear, simple and succinct?
  3. Does it really set you apart and differentiate you?
  4. Is it easy to explain?
  5. Does it trigger a conversation?
  6. Is it true?


If you aren’t sure what your value proposition is or would like some help in uncovering it, contact us for a FREE consultation!

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