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How important is TONE when advertising and marketing your small business?

To effectively develop a brand through marketing, you must build your brand’s personality. Your brand is your mark of distinction; it’s what creates differentiation from your competitors, it’s your business’s personality. The tone of voice in marketing means not only what your advertisements say about your brand, but how they say it.

Communicating Values

Advertising is a great way to convey a brand’s personality, using tone effectively will allow you to clearly communicate the values of your brand. For example, if you’re in the kitchen renovation business, you may want your brand’s tone to communicate that your company is experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. If you’re selling candy you may want to communicate that your brand is fun and popular.


Expressing your tone

The way you write and the grammar you use will help define your tone as will the vernacular you use when talking about your business.  A friendly tone for example will focus less on the complexity of words and allow for a little more playfulness in the delivery. In contrast,  a business that wants to project professionalism in its tone should use proper grammar and more formal language.



Whatever tone you choose to represent your brand’s personality, consistency is important. Ads that deliver a consistent tone will help build a brand people can trust. In contrast, ads that change tones can create confusion in the brands values.



Even though consistency is important, it’s also important to know when to adjust your style of tone. For example, if you own a store targeted at children your ads in general may project a fun tone, however the way you deliver your messaging to kids and parents may differ. Different types of media will also require an adjustment in tone styles;  running ads in a newspaper for example demands a different level of grammar than an ad on a social media website.



Establishing your brand identity should be the first step in creating a marketing program. Your brand is your business’s lifeblood, its’s personality: it determines how your company looks, how it “speaks,” and how you interact with consumers.

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