Small ad agency v’s big ad agency

What size ad agency will work best for your business?


When it comes to choosing an ad agency to work with, most clients aren’t sure what too look for. Ideally, clients want it all; flexibility, creativity,speed, quality and affordability.

Good ad agencies offer:

  • One on one relationships with clients
  • Open & clear communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity and uniqueness

Almost all ad agencies regardless of size will offer all of the above to their clients, however choosing the right ad agency for your business requires looking for one that will compliment your company.


So, what’s right for you, big or small?

While the size of the agency you pick may determine the production and service offered, many ad agencies share similar characteristics regardless of size.

The Team Culture

Good ad agencies will focus on the quality of their agency culture. With a small ad agency this is usually easier because fewer employees helps create a close-knit work environment. In larger ad agencies, culture can be lost in the abundance of employees, but most larger ad agencies have dedicated teams working on various projects.

Access to Senior Management

A large ad agency will have several levels of employees ranging from junior associates managing partners. Smaller ad agencies will have dedicated account managers working on your account who are multi-tasking their skills. A small ad agency will usually offer direct access to the owner, manager or president of the agency.

When Time is Important

Small ad agencies may have less on their plate to juggle and they may be able to quickly assist with time sensitive projects. Larger agencies might have more work going on, but they’ll also have more employees they can move to a new project.


Large ad agencies may have better access to major recourses. For example, if you’re looking to produce a national TV ad campaign, then a larger agency might make more sense. Smaller ad agencies will often work with local media providers and aren’t as connected to national channels.

Budget Doesn’t Produce Better Quality Creative

The creative process depends on the creativity of those working on your campaign–not on the project budget. While some projects might require additional recourses to produce an idea, a creative concept does not normally need a major budget. Finding the concept that best communicates a business to the marketplace is more about finding great professionals.

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