Saddlery On Market

Step back and experience the past.

Share the Food. Share the Company. Share the Tradition.

Inspired by our city’s past, the Saddlery on Market serves homey, comforting food made with ingredients that express the bounty of our region, accented with sophisticated, globally inspired touches.

We’re delighted to have been chosen as the preferred digital marketing partner for Saddlery on Market. 

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A modern, sophisticated and elegant website was exactly what the Saddlery on Market deserved. By showcasing the incredible food, as well as taking visitors on a journey into the past, provides visitors with a unique and enjoyable experience.

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Saddlery on Market Social Media




Focusing on fresh local ingredients as a theme, TMD is managing all of The Saddlery On Market’s social media activities. By posting twice per week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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TMD is helping the Saddlery know their customers better and grow sales by connecting real-world behaviour with online experiences. Our WiFi marketing platform lets them automatically track customer visits, build rich customer profiles, target communication more precisely,  and directly measure in-store impact.


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