Mongo’s Grill Agency of Record

Mongo’s Grill Agency of Record

Working with new clients is always exciting!

At TMD Winnipeg we’re even more excited to have been selected as Agency Of Record for Mongo’s Grill!

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting a Mongo’s restaurant, all I can say is you have to go! The ‘build your own meal’ concept has been around for a little while now, however there are few that do it as good as Mongo’s do.

After carefully selecting from a huge variety of fresh veggies, meats, sauces and spices, you place them in your Mongo’s bowl, and make your way to the grill. This is where the fun really begins!

The ‘grillers’ as they are affectionately known bring incredible energy to the place. For those old enough to remember, there is a scene in the movie Cocktails, where Tom Cruise effortlessly throws around full bottles of liquor without spilling a drop. Try doing that with bowls full of rice and noodles Tom Cruise!

Winnipeg is a restaurant mecca and as we all know, standing out from your competitors (for the right reasons) is an important factor in any advertising, branding or marketing strategy.

We’re delighted to be working with Mongo’s and encourage each and everyone one of you to visit soon!

Check out these images from a recent photo shoot to give you a taste of what’s to come!


Thanks to Darcy Finley from Finley Photography and Shel Zolkewich for making the food look simply stunning!

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