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What’s the best method for small businesses when marketing to seniors in Winnipeg?

When marketing to seniors , its easy to get distracted and want to use the latest and greatest tools in your digital marketing toolkit. While there are some tech savvy seniors out there, your new Instagram campaign or iPad give away may leave the 65+ market feeling a little cold.


Here’s a few ideas to help you reach Winnipeg’s seniors…

  1. Newspapers. Winnipegers are still huge consumers of print media. Newspaper and magazine readership in Manitoba remains strong with the older demographic holding onto the daily print edition. While printed newspaper readership may be on the decline, many are migrating to online editions. This trend is mildest among seniors, who remain most likely to have read a hard copy paper in the last day.
  2. Seniors publications. With our mature population, it makes sense that Winnipeg has several seniors focused publications. Lifestyles 55+ is a niche publication serving the seniors market. Distribution racks are typically located in senior-centric locations like community centers, doctors offices and libraries.
  3. Coupon mailers or weekly newsletters. Coming from an era where frugality was a necessity of life, many of Winnipeg’s seniors are accustomed to being deal finders and coupon clippers. Coupon style publications can be a great place to advertise a special deal on your product or service, just for seniors.
  4. Online. Google ad words are a great way to target seniors. Create campaigns using key words that seniors are likely to be engaged with. You can even choose to advertise on websites that seniors are know to be regular sources of traffic.
  5. Social media. A recent report in forbes suggested that the 74-plus demographic is the fastest growing demographic for social networks in North America. In addition to creating awesome content designed to engage with this demo, why not run some Facebook ads that are targeted to specifically show up in their news feeds?
  6. TV. Senior adults are the single largest TV consumption demographic. Having lived through the evolution of TV most seniors view the advertisements as part of the TV watching experience. Furthermore, they tend to trust the ads more on TV than seeing them on digital/online channels.  Click here to see 2013/2014 Television Bureau of Canada study.
  7. Events. It’s no secret that seniors can be very busy however seniors also have more free time than younger demographics. Trade shows like Winnipeg’s kitchen & bathroom show, art fairs and craft stalls are a great opportunity to interact with seniors. In addition, you can also reach seniors through arts and cultural events like concerts, plays & movies or at public libraries.
  8. Radio. Seniors still listen to broadcast radio. Winnipeg has some great stations who’s target audience is primarily the senior demographic. Stations like CJNU along with talk radio stations like CJOB always perform well with seniors.
  9. Church. Church attendance is highest among seniors, with 60% of the 65+ crowd reporting they attend every week. Bulletin ads, picnic sponsorship’s and “coffee with a doc” events can help tap into this audience.


As Winnipeg’s population grows, so to does our senior demographic. Make sure if you decide to expand your reach into this demographic that you speak to your audience in the right way using the right communication vehicles….


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