Inbound Marketing Tips For 2017

Inbound Marketing Tips For 2017

It’s almost the end of the year! Hopefully you’re achieving the goals you set out to achieve and your inbound marketing strategy is delivering the leads you planned for. If not, take a minute to review the following 6 inbound marketing tips for 2017 recommended by some of the worlds leading inbound marketing experts.


1. Interactive Content

Garbage in garbage out. Stop writing the same boring blog posts and create some interactive and engaging content. Polls, calculators, interactive infographics, webinars and other interactive content can breathe life into your blog. The more interesting and engaging it is for your audience the simpler it is to cultivate a relationship with them. Just make sure it’s mobile-friendly.


2. Create Buyer Personas

So who is your target audience? It’s no longer acceptable to market a business without knowing in detail who your ideal customers are. You should have a solid understanding of their age, spending habits, interests, and even their personality traits. Download our buyer persona template here…


If you want to attract and keep an audience, it’s essential to take a mobile first design approach. Mobile traffic is growing fast, and it isn’t going anywhere. Make sure everything you do is tailored towards earning and keeping your mobile audience.


4. Continue to nurture.

Once you’ve hooked an audience in with your awesome content, don’t forget about them. Think about how you can continue to impress and engage with them. List nurturing and cultivation should be a key factor in developing a strong source of leads for your business in 2017.


5. Social Media

Social media is huge. We know. It’s time consuming and takes time to cultivate an audience. If you’re not using it you really should. Even if you have to hire someone to manage it for you, it’s an essential tool for cultivating an engaging with an audience. If you’d prefer to manage it yourself, remember you don’t have to use EVERY platform out there. Pick one or two and focus your efforts on those. If you’re already doing it with moderate success, maybe it’s time to re-eveluate.


6. Don’t forget about email.

Sure, creating interesting, engaging and interactive content is important but email still delivers some of the best inbound marketing results. The key is to provide recipients content and offers that provides value. Don’t just blast them with everything you’ve got because you think they’ll forget about you if you don’t. Moderation is key. With the right strategies in place, email can still generate a great ROI.

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