How SMEs Can Bounce Back From COVID-19 Through Digital Marketing

Screen Shot 2020 04 24 at 2.34.51 PMExperts say that the COVID-19 pandemic will have long term effects in the world economy. As of now, it has paralyzed businesses in different industries and sectors causing a negative impact financially. The establishments that got hit badly by the pandemic’s economic backlash are the small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

If you are an SME owner, then you must be asking yourself: “How will my business recover from this crisis?” The answer to this question may be found online. Turning to digital marketing may just be the thing that can help SMEs to rebound from the negative effects brought by COVID-19.

Aside from the obvious advantage of digital marketing not requiring traveling for meetings or going to your offices, it can be beneficial in generating revenue while staying in the comfort of your own homes. Mobilize your business through going digital. Read on and learn how SMEs can bounce back from COVID-19 through digital marketing.

Making your business visible online

Since the COVID-19 pandemic restricted movement globally because it was found that transmission can happen through person-to-person contact, people are now spending more time at home. More people are online right now, glued to their phones and computers looking for updates about current events or some entertainment since they don’t have work or school. Search traffic has increased and will continue to do so as long as we are quarantined.

By using digital marketing, SMEs can take advantage of the opportunity presented by our current situation. Nearly everything that can be found online now will be consumed. Use search engine optimization (SEO) to make your business more visible online so consumers can easily find it.

Keeping your head above water

Putting more emphasis on SEO, digital marketing can help you survive and even surpass your competitors post-COVID-19 pandemic. SEO is about optimizing your digital assets to improve your search engine results page (SERP) rankings so your business can be easily found. By ranking no lower in the top five of Google search, your website can gain more traffic. The more visitors you have the higher the chance of increasing your conversion rate, so make sure that your web design game is at par with the best of them because it affects user experience, which is an important criterion in SERP rankings.

Local SEO

Local SEO is more useful now more than ever. Focusing on your local SEO strategies can help you gain new customers, as people are now searching for services and places where they can purchase supplies near their area since travel is restricted. Local SEO will help in attracting customers in your geo region to turn to you first.

An advantage of local SEO is the simple way of enhancing it. Improving it mainly requires reviews from customers you have served. Managing your reputation online, particularly locally, is ever so crucial because this is a good time to connect with your target audience. Providing people the service or product that they need during these times is likely to earn a positive review, which will positively impact your local SERP ranking.


For SME owners, operating in the time of a pandemic may be the most challenging obstacle that they will encounter, but with digital marketing, it can get a little bit easier. Most of the time in the world of business it’s about adapting with the current circumstance, and investing in digital marketing can make the difference for SMEs right now.

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