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With 61% of mobile searchers indicating that its extremely important to them that they be able to call a business during the purchase phase of the shopping process, its no wonder Google are excited to launch Google forwarding numbers in Canada.

Google forwarding numbers allow you to generate reports on calls received through call extensions and call only ads. The reports can help advertisers understand things like call duration, call start and end time, caller area code, and whether the call was connected.


How does Google forwarding numbers work?

Basically when you set up a Google Ad word campaign with the call extension, Google will provide you with a unique number for your ad. This “google phone number” will show up in your ads on your tablet, laptop, and desktop campaigns and will show up as a clickable “call” button on mobile campaigns.

This is a great tool for measuring the calls that come from your Google Ad words campaigns.

When searching for a local business, most of us prefer to call a number with a recognizable area code, which is why google numbers will show a local number where available.

An example of where this is working for a Canadian advertiser is 1800 GOT JUNK

Call extensions and call-only campaigns help customers reach our service representatives more quickly to schedule a junk pick-up. So far, we’ve been able to generate thousands of leads and now with insights from Google forwarding numbers in Canada, we can monitor call details and filter calls by duration. This gives us vital information on which campaigns are driving the right calls and how we can better invest our advertising spend.” Keegan Morrison, PPC Account Manager, 1-800-Got-Junk


Even though these types of ads are really effective, some customers will call your business after clicking on an ad that directs them to your site.  Website call conversions is a tool that dynamically inserts a Google number on your site to identify and measure the calls that occur after a Google ad has been clicked.

When someone clicks on this number or dials it directly from their phone, you can attribute the call and call value back to the keyword and ad that drove the customer!

To learn more about how to use these awesome new features in your Ad words campaigns, feel free to give us a call 204 890 8588.

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