What is agency/client Collaboration?

Agency Collaboration

Many advertising & marketing agencies promote their “collaborative” processes, but what does that really mean?

At the Marketing Department, our business is built around our collaborative approach,  I don’t just mean cooperation. I mean authentic collaboration.

The difference is a significant one.

A collaborative relationship between a client and their agency results in the agency being treated as an extended member of the client’s team.

Agency’s often feel the need to justify their skills and abilities by taking over the strategy and design process without really listening to the clients creative preferences (not to be mistaken for objectives). Often, they’ll go through a discovery process to try and understand the objectives of the client but then go away and create and design what they think will work best. Sure, you’d be forgiven for asking “Isn’t this exactly what people pay agencies to do?”

The answer however is not straight forward. Any agency, that suggest to their clients “we know best” are doing themselves and their clients a disservice.

At The Marketing Department, we never profess to have all the answers, as far as we’re concerned you know your business better than anyone, we’re about complimenting you, not taking over.

By working with our clients in this fashion, we become more than a supplier or vendor, we become a true partner.

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